Design Process: Remodels

Sometimes your dream home is the home you already have, with some beautiful changes.


Partial and whole-house remodels are an exciting challenge for us – we love helping clients identify what works in their existing home and what they’d like to change or add. We have experience with all sorts of remodels, from historical remodels involving complete gutting and internal re-working, to modern updates from the 1990's blahs. Popular smaller projects are kitchen remodels, master bath remodels, media room remodels, and master suite remodels.

Our process involves initially meeting at your home or business to physically assess each room, measure and analyze traffic flow, usage, style and function for each space before commencing design work. During this exploratory phase we also assist clients who would like to define their personal style for the first time and need help identifying what they truly desire. Conversely we also work wonderfully with engineers and those who know exactly what they want, down to scaled detailed sketches.

From there the design process flows the same as for new constructions - 4 Phases of Design.

Our final plan set of plans may include the following:

  • Detailed site plan 
  • Demolition plan showing change to existing structure
  • Scaled floor plans including the new door and window schedule for each desired floor level
  • Door and window details
  • New scaled interior elevations and/or exterior elevations if any exterior change is made
  • Ceiling plans
  • Roof plan
  • Electrical/lighting plan
  • Detailed framing plan (client retains engineer to provide, we can incorporate if desired)
  • General construction notes